Empire in Dust

Electronic sound beyond crumbling ruins

Empire in Dust are Manuel M. from Berlin and Alina H. from Cologne. The music produced by this duo spans a wide spectrum of styles rangingfrom Dark Electro and Wave, EBM, Psychedelic Trance, Dark Pop and Industrial.Empire in Dust was founded in Cologne in the summer of 2000.

The name “Empire in Dust” pays tribute to those elements oflife that have vanished over the course of time, as grand and important theyonce might have been. Music is an elemental tool in the quest to find the rightplace for remembering these elements in the present. All that melds withtoday’s dreams and fears, with love and anger, with ideas and ideals, withfeelings and thoughts.

The Empire in Dust logo is a highly abstract rendition of theletters E, I and D in the shape of a broken ring. This ring serves as a visualwindow—as a portal to a multitude of images and moods.