When artists of this calibre in the industrial music scene are prepared to praise a new act publicly in this way, hype becomes almost an irrelevance.

Yet the groundswell of hype and the sense of public expectation surrounding Spanish dark electro duo TERROLOKAUST’s incredible second album “God Loves The Violence” continues to increase almost daily – and this is an album that indeed lives up to that hype on every level.

Formed in 2006 from the ashes of long-running Spanish industrial-rock outfit SYMAWRATH, following the release of “Gas” TERROLOKAUST spent the next couple of years building a formidable live reputation in their homeland – opening for the likes of HOCICO, COMBICHRIST, DAS ICH, NOISUF-X, GRENDEL, NACHTMAHR, REAPER, XOTOX,

STRAFTANZ and IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, before returning to the studio in 2009 to begin composing what would become “God Loves The Violence”.

TERROLOKAUST announced their arrival as a major new force in the scene with the download-only single “No Control” - released simultaneously by Infacted Recordings in Europe and DWA in the rest of the world on New Year’s Eve 2010.

Featuring powerful club remixes from industrial music legend GRENDEL and fellow Spanish electronic act EXTINCTION FRONT, plus the non-album bonus track “Adrenaline”, “No Control” was an instant hit and entered the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) at #15 on January 16th 2011 - peaking at #9 on January 23rd.

Since the release of “No Control”, TERROLOKAUST’s production skills are much in demand: with remixes already completed for ALIEN VAMPIRES (DWA125: “Harshlizer”), VIGILANTE (DWA150: “The New Resistance”) and the forthcoming album from SIVA SIX: “The Twin Moons”.

The distinctive and powerful voice of Javi Ssagittar is also now highly sought-after: featured on REAPER’s recent German Alternative Charts (DAC) Top #5 hit “Dirty Cash” (providing vocals for the Spanish version “Dinero Sucio”) and on TERRORKODE’s upcoming album “Corrosive Audio”.

In addition to the GRENDEL, REAPER and NACHTMAHR remixes, DWA’s international edition of “God Loves The Violence” includes a DIE SEKTOR remix exclusive to this edition (the European version on Infacted Recordings features an exclusive DETROIT DIESEL remix).