Sex Drugs and Technology. The new flavor of the 2000 was by no doubt the Norwegian electronic rock band, ZEROMANCER.

They were rewarded best newcomer in Germany at the GAMA awards the same year and received unanimous acclaim for their debut album, “Clone Your Lover”.

It all started a year before when Alex Møklebust, Noralf Ronthi, Kim Ljung, Erik Ljunggren and Chris Schleyer formed the band in Los Angeles. They all shared the vision of creating a melodious blend between industrial programming and rock. 12 years later: The northern light shines powerfully, having escaped from the standardised mush of the mainstream. The lads once more present powerful rock, just as they did on their first album. Some festival appearances show the not-long-since extinct fans that ZEROMANCER have returned to form with their new songs and that they will by the same token shine in the future.